For two decades the world media have been dominated and intoxicated by the big lies and distractions fabricated by Kagame’s regime which took power in Rwanda after a bloodshed that took lives of millions of innocent Hutus, Tutsis, Twas and foreigners. Since 1994, Kagame and his party, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), have turned the “genocide in Rwanda”, the one said to be only against Tutsis into a weapon to silence everybody with different opinions on how things should work in the country and scapegoated all Hutus to be perpetrators of it while it is the other way around.

While the world’s attention on Rwanda is only on the artifice commemoration of the 21st genocide, the Hutu refugees are presently being hunted like animals in the jungles of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Both Hutus and Tutsis as well as opposition critics and other human rights activists who oppose the ideology of the RPF are being pursued in different countries around the world by the Rwandan government.

The genocide against the Hutus which started in October 1990 by the RPF is still happening in the dense forests of DRC where Hutu refugees and their resemblance are being hunted like animals, and inside the country a silent carnage is going on: ordinary Rwandan Hutu and Tutsi people are being executed day-to-day and their bodies are being thrown into lakes and rivers. Threats, intimidation, torture, persecution, kidnapping, disappearance and killings are used by Kagame’s secret security services and death squads to eliminate any person with different political opinions from RPF ones.

We recall that in 1990 when the RPF invaded Rwanda was fully backed by Uganda and powerful western countries such as the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Israel, etc. The RPF hidden agenda was (is still) the extermination of Hutu people in Rwanda, the looting of Congolese mineral resources, instigation of chaos in the region and implantation of Tutsi empire based on terror, slavery, and human rights abuses inside Rwanda and in the Great Lakes region as well. But the worst of it, is that the terrorism of RPF Tutsi extremists has gone beyond the Great Lakes region and has been expanded worldwide, and some countries are still conspiring in one way or the other to fuel that state terrorism.

In this regard, RWANDA YOUTH FOR LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE INITIATIVE (RY4LCI) ( ) in partnership with NI ABACU FOUNDATION ( ) have recently investigated some cases regarding the above points of human rights abuses by the Rwandan RPF regime both inside and outside of Rwanda. Our findings are that for over 25 years, the Rwandan Hutu people live in critical conditions: they were and are still systematically massacred in broad daylight of the international community, they are daily hunted as evils or beasts, they are persecuted even where they sought asylum, they are getting massacred in the forests of Democratic Republic of Congo where they had sought refuge and learnt to co-survive with the tropical savage animals, but the worst is that instead of the United Nations (UN) meeting to help these refugees and protect them, they assemble conspiring with the Rwandan RPF regime on how they can worsen the current situation by tormenting, depressing, humiliating, demonizing, dehumanizing and terrorizing them, hence fulfilling the Rwandan RPF regime agenda to exterminate these Rwandan Hutu people no matter how many and where they are.

The United Nations as well as human rights organizations have made numerous reports on these systematic massacres against Rwandan Hutu people but because they implicate some so-called super power countries they covered them up and these human rights organization didn’t act accordingly because the influence of those countries such as USA, UK… The late UN Mapping reports on war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of genocide fully details those systematic massacres against the Rwandan Hutu people both in Rwanda and in DRC as well as their resemblances (Congolese Bantu people).

Despite these leaked out reports, numerous human rights organizations and countries continue to cooperate with the Rwandan RPF regime criminal dictators to accomplish its holocaust against Rwandan Hutu people, nevertheless these organizations and/or countries have signed international human rights covenants to protect all human beings at stake and even some are the ones which took part in the establishment of human rights standards.

So far more than 2 million of Rwandan Hutus and around 10 million of Bantu (said to be resembled to Rwandan Hutus) people both in Rwanda and DRC have perished or exterminated by the RPF tyrannical Tutsi extremists who want to dominate the entire Great Lakes Region of Africa. They use terrorism and rule with martial laws, they hunt down whoever found to be critic of them until they assassinate him/her, they are enemies of any human rights organizations/ political parties unless they are sure they abide by their martial laws