Rwanda: Youths for Unity and Patriotism


Unity and patriotism

For over a century, African continent (the great lakes region in particular) has been the home of endless conflicts among people of same or different nationalities. Nowadays, those conflicts are still taking place in different parts of Africa and they are destroying its economy to the point that most of the poorest countries in the world are from Africa. African youths are involved in most of deadly conflicts mainly for some individuals' interests. This indicates a tremendous positive effects the youths can have on their societies if directed for goodwill. RY4LCI promotes the culture of unity, equal rights and patriotism to put an end to wars, oppression and poverty not only in Rwanda but also in sub-Saharan countries where these killings take many lives of Africans daily.


Rwandan young soldiers in Congo

How comes that one expands his patriotism murdering innocent Bantou people from Kigali up to Kinshasa? These 3 young rwandans were among rpa child soldiers during the 1996 invasion of zaire(drc). 2 of them lost their lives and the last one is on the run from the government he once served.


Gradually over a number of years, the youths have shown that unity is an important factor to have a developed and democratic society. If we look back on how majority of countries put an end to colonialism and extreme poverty, it is not difficult to figure out that unity was a key thing. For our people to get to grips with life, Rwandan youths need to see unity as not only living together but also working together in order to move forward as a people. Through unity, we will be able to recognize and value diversity and bring together our forces to help those who are in need. United we can make injustice and poverty history. This can be done through creating broader range of organizations aimed to improve youths outcomes as well as a platform for opinions exchange where Rwandans from different backgrounds and social status can find common grounds with each other and stop tearing each other down due to differing opinions. Youths voices are louder, so let’s speak out unity to ensure that all people live together peacefully.

With freedom of speech whereby all people's views are heard and taken into consideration, unity can help us build capacity in each and everyone so that no any single individual is left behind in the struggle for a better life. As youths, who are mentally and physically strong, therefore, we should unite and use our power to effect positive changes in Rwanda by avoiding segregation and favoritism which can further lead to apartheid and genocide as it is the case for the actual Rwanda under the President Kagame Paul dictatorship. These are the years of our life during which we are needed most by our beloved motherland. We have to stand up and get united to make a better Rwanda for future generations to come.

In our actual societies, ages and level of education are the most important elements used to consider for people to be granted some rights. As conscious Rwandan youths, we need to see beyond these limits and make sure that everyone rights are respected such as the right to express his opinions freely even if they are about government. Race, age, sex and religion should not make some people be treated in unfair way. We have to ensure that no personal feature is based on for the treatment of anybody in Rwanda contrary to what the RPF regime’s NDI UMUNYARWANDA preach. Let us use our education to enlighten our communities to make sure that equality of rights under the law shall not be denied by anyone based on his position.

Given the current constitutional amendment in Rwanda in order for President Kagame Paul to cling on to power for life, we no more need to have dreams for equal rights and justice as this man is actually a nightmare to Rwandan people as well as Great Lakes region’s people. He is a criminal dictator the African continent has ever hosted on power. We just need to stand up and fight for our rights as we are deprived of the rights given to us by the constitution.


Kwimika Umwami Kagame

Ndi umunyarwanda

Those that remain sightless, shall remain flightless.


Recently, i have realise that patriotic  youths are good catalyst for positive changes if welcomed in societies. At the present time, Rwandan youths need to see patriotism as a way of not only giving back to your country but also wishing every single person to have the same rights as you. To many people, patriotism is only seen as an act of fighting for your country and being a good citizen within and outside your country. Defending a human being at stake has nothing to do with his/her state of origin, race or religion. For a real patriot, all lives matter. Before calling ourselves patriots, we have to make oppression history in Rwanda and call out anyone to treat each other with respect and dignity.

In RY4LCI, we believe that the youths need to see patriotism beyond doing only what benefits them and their relatives. A real patriot is ready to risk his/her life for the sake of the most vulnerable people in society.

Rwandan young hero 

RY4LCI salute the courage of this young man ( who wrote a letter to the so called lawmakers warning them that he is against the constitutional amendment as Kagame didn't accomplish what he promised Rwandans



In a country like Rwanda, where there is no room for patriotism, we need to stand out for advocacy by maintaining the struggle against self-interests and impunity of crimes. That was the legacy of our fallen patriots and it is a must for us as young generation to preserve it.

RY4LCI foster exchange of ideas on how we can live in unity by mastering the necessary goodwill. We have to see our differences as a source of strength towards the path to patriotism.


Done on 11th September 2015

For Rwanda Youth for Leadership and Change Initiative (RY4LCI)


Deputy Director

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